Magical onion: Miraculous things you didn’t know onions can do

If currently onions can help people who suffer from chronic vomiting and very often people, used as a natural antibiotic which supports the immune system to help your body.

Onions belong to the Allium family and are loaded with sulfur, reason why they are able to provide powerful antiseptic effects and antibiotics.

This plant is also full of antioxidants, especially with quercetin that helps the effort of the body to fight free radicals. Onion juice has shown to be useful in cases of breathing problems since it is a very effective expectorant. In addition, onions are very useful when it’s the health of the heart, arthritis, high cholesterol levels.

It should be used for people with diabetes, because they have high content of sulfur and flavonoids. As mentioned above, people have used the onion for their healing and medicinal properties for centuries.

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